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“One of the major things I learned is this workshop will allow me to look at my life/marriage “road-map” and make a U-turn, slow down, and take a different path to reach a happy designation… Being an African-American male, reaching out for professional help or sharing your deepest thoughts is something you don’t do. But I realize its a must to let the professionals to be that third set of eyes to give you new tools to work on the most important things in your relationship. I’m so happy you two and your staff was the first group I allowed to be that third eye for me and my relationship.” (Elliot, 2020)

“If you’re having difficulties being intimate with your partner, this workshop will help you have those difficult conversations with support individually and for you as a couple.”

“This seminar event is a life saving relationship journey. It safely explores how we got here and why. Zoya and Michael thoroughly lead us on a pathway to a renewed commitment of sexual satisfaction, vitality and fun! DO THIS!”

This workshop brought us clarity and understanding to challenges we’ve been facing for a long time. It gave us a safe supportive environment to unpack our emotions and we came out stronger and so much more connected. It is worth the time and commitment.”

“Mike and Zoya create a safe space with exercise structured to help move you along the path to more emotional and physical intimacy. They help you navigate the inevitable rocks in the path that we ALL experience. Thank you.”

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Mike Moran LCSW


We think the Hold Me Tight® Workshop is something every couple should experience. As practicing couples therapists we have seen these principals take root and help couples grow all over the world. Whether you are in distress or just wanting a tune up, the workshops we run for you in NYC have proven to be the most impactful program we have ever seen. Please look around and even ask questions to see how two professional therapists can change your world for the better in a weekend couples workshop in New York City, New York.

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