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Mike Moran LCSW

Meet Michael Moran, LCSW.

Hi! I’m Mike. I’m a therapist because therapy changed my life…I know intimately the power of effective, insightful, enriching psychotherapy. Psychodynamic in orientation, emotionally-focused and cognitive-behaviorally trained, I’ll utilize my whole person & all my skills to help you to move toward vitality, appreciation and joy — I’ll help you reclaim your Authentic Self. My passion and focus is collaborating with people looking to create deeply fulfilling connection in their relationships. If you are struggling as a couple or you are single and looking to create meaningful connection, I can help. My training/expertise has been centered around relationships.

I’m a Certified EFT Therapist (Emotionally Focused Therapy), a highly respected and empirically-validated modality of working with couples designed by Dr. Sue Johnson. EFT gets to the heart of relationship distress & helps us cultivate the capacity to speak our truth in loving ways that bring our partner closer to us rather than pushing them away. I’ve also undergone extensive training with relationship expert Dr. Margaret Paul and am a Certified Inner Bonding Facilitator, which dovetails perfectly with EFT.

Zoya Simakhodskaya, Ph.D.

Hi! I’m Zoya. I BELIEVE IN THE POWER of resilience and relationships. Over the years I have developed expertise in providing assessment and psychotherapy to those struggling with depression, anxiety, difficulties with anger, sexual problems, trauma and abuse, interpersonal difficulties, and career changes. I have worked with individuals affected by the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks, survivors of torture abroad, and many distressed couples. After completion of the doctoral program, I provided assessment and crisis intervention to patients in an inner city psychiatric emergency program.

There is really nothing that can surprise or shock me. Having immigrated as a young adult from the former Soviet Union, I have a unique point of view that allows me to be especially attuned to the young bilingual, Russian-speaking men and women who are straddling the two worlds. I teach and present nationally and internationally and have a particular interest in sexuality in intimate relationships.

Why Do A Couples Workshop?

The EFT “Hold Me Tight”® Workshop Is Based On Great Data.

We think the Hold Me Tight® Workshop is something every couple should experience. As practicing couples therapists we have seen these principals take root and help couples grow all over the world. Whether you are in distress or just wanting a tune up, the workshops we run for you in NYC have proven to be the most impactful program we have ever seen. Please look around and even ask questions to see how two professional therapists can change your world for the better in a weekend couples workshop in New York City, New York.